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 DCIPublic Docement

 DCI OD-01 Company Profile 公司概况

 DCI OD-02 Self statement自我声明

 DCI OD-03 Flow Chart of Management System Certification管理体系认证流程图

 DCI OD-04 Independence Statement of DCI Certification Ltd. and NKIP Classification B.V.(Dutch Certification Institute)

 DCI OD-05 Audit Duration Management Requirements审核活动工作人日管理要求

 DCI OD-07 Management program for granting,denying,maintaining,updating,expanding,reducing,suspending and withdrawing授予、拒绝、保持、扩大、缩小、暂停和撤销认证的管理程序

 DCI OD-08 Procedure for processing feedback information of certification activities  认证活动反馈信息处理程序

 DCI OD-09 RIghts and obligation权利和义务

 DCI OD-10 Rules for Use of the Certificate, Certification Mark认证证书、认证标志使用规则

 DCI OD-11 Certification audit procedure认证审核程序

 DCI OD-12 Rules for implementation of management system certification during epidemic prevention and control疫情防控期间管理体系认证实施规则

 DCI OD-13-P Products certification implementation rules产品认证实施规则(通用要求)

 DCI OD-15-P aluminum alloy windows and doors certification implementation rules铝合金门窗产品认证实施规则

 DCI OD-16-P  Valve products certification implementation rules阀门产品认证实施规则

 DCI OD-17-P Rotating electrical machinery product certification implementation rules旋转电机产品认证实施规则

 DCI OD-18-P Humidifier product certification implementation rules加湿器产品认证实施规则

 DCI OD-19-P Rules for the implementation of certification of yacht weatherproof doors游艇风雨密门产品认证实施规则

 DCI OD-20-P Cable product certification implementation rules电缆产品认证实施规则

 DCI OD-22 森林认证实施规则

 DCI OD-24 ISO13485Asset Management System Certification Rules医疗器械质量管理体系认证实施规则