Determine the product parameters for you to ensure your design, production and the product itself meet the requirements.

Testing of marine products and components

Whether it is the ship's structure, navigation principle, safety design and construction regulations, or the design method and how to ensure the speediness, good maneuverability and wave resistance of navigation, DCI master the method and principle of ship performance and solve the problems in ship design, construction, use and management, to better provide compliance and quality assurance for each step from a more appropriate customer perspective. 


DCI has a global network of advanced test instruments, standards, best practices and experts. Our independent service, consulting and scientific knowledge center provides laboratory testing, which is a key element of our quality assurance, inspection and technical services, as well as an important supporting part of our comprehensive industry project development, standard research and development and scheme recommendation.          


We have our own laboratories and full-time experts in Europe and Asia. We combine global industry experience with local expertise to help you achieve your safety, performance and efficiency goals. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, we help you meet short-term market challenges while assessing future trends.


The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.


DCI not only provides the test items required for CE certification, but also provides customized materials and equipment test services in accordance with customer requirements, including but not limited to:

Life saving equipment

Yachts and private vessels

Exhaust emission of parts and components

Other equipment tests

Drop Test

Fire test

Other equipment tests



  1. Application process

    Communication and application- DCI Acceptance of application – Sample mailing – Sample testing – Technical review – Certification deliverables


  2. Regulations

    DIRECTIVE 2014/90/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 23 July 2014 on marine equipment

    Decision No 768/2008/EC

    Directive 98/34/EC


    of 20 November 2013 on recreational craft and personal watercraft

    Directive 94/25/EC

    Directive 2003/44/EC

    Regulation (EC) No 765/2008

    Decision No 768/2008/EC

    Directive 97/68/EC

    Recommendation 2003/361/EC

Technical parameters



Exhaust emission limit of compression ignition engine:


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