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Product Certification

Most countries and regions in the world have set up their own product certification bodies, which use different certification marks to indicate the degree of conformity of certified products to relevant standards, such as UL American underwriters' laboratory safety test and certification, CE EU safety certification, VDE German Association of electrical engineers certification, CCC compulsory product certification in China and CCTP (abbreviated as germination) mark, etc. Governments all over the world have established this product certification system in the form of legislation to ensure the quality and safety of products and protect the vital interests of consumers, which has become a new international trade barrier.          

Dutch Certification Institute (DCI), as the Dutch authorized notified body (notified body No.: 0613), is engaged in CE product certification, especially the European Union's "Recreational Craft and personal water craft Directive" and "Marine Equipment Directive ), which represents the responsibility of the European Union for the review and assessment of the products related to the Directives within the scope of circulation in the single market of EU Member States. In 1997, DCI obtained the accreditation of RVA as Netherlands Accreditation Council.           

Dutch Certification Institute (DCI)uses internationally recognized and effective certification methods, which can enable enterprises or organizations to establish a good reputation and brand image after product certification, and enable customers and consumers to identify the quality and safety of goods through certification marks.            DCI is a legally authorized product certification agency, which can provide you with compulsory product certification services. In addition, DCI customized design R & D product certification standards and certification masks are the best solution for your products to obtain additional value-added recognition.

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