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Industrial Inspection

Our customers:           

Owners, operators, owners, engineering companies, general contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, trading companies, those who have quality assurance and quality control requirements for industrial products, equipment and materials in various industrial fields.


Market challenges:           

As an important part of the procurement process, it has been the common demand and consensus in all industries to ensure the product quality, ensure that the product meets the relevant standards and the technical performance indicators required in the contract and bidding documents, effectively control the delivery date, and reduce the maintenance costs and risks in future use.


The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.


Industrial inspection and supervision product range:

Coal fired power station and power station equipment  

New energy power plant and equipment

Petroleum Machinery

Chemical machinery

Boiler and pressure equipment, pressure pipe, gas cylinder, valve, flange, pipe fittings


Steel bridge and steel structure

Electrical instruments

Mining equipment

Metallurgical equipment

Cement equipment

Construction machinery

Port machinery 

Rail transportation


Our services:           

As an independent and professional inspection organization, DCI helps the owners, buyers and suppliers to provide all-round quality control and quality assurance services, control the quality of products and equipment in the whole production process, so as to make the products and equipment meet the quality requirements of customers, market and laws and regulations.          

 DCI industrial inspection / manufacturing supervision services include but are not limited to: supplier technical evaluation, supply chain second party audit, design review, manufacturing process inspection, expediting, which included but not limited to: supplier review, manufacturing process control, including raw material control, material traceability inspection, welding inspection, nondestructive testing, dimensional inspection, coating inspection, packaging inspection, etc.


why choose DCI        

DCI is a global third-party inspection company. It has a large number of senior experts proficient in international and domestic standards and professional engineers and inspection experts with rich experience in design, welding, nondestructive testing, coating, packaging and other fields. It is familiar with all aspects of the industrial equipment supply chain at home and abroad, and can provide you with localized technical support services in a timely manner Product inspection, certification, testing, consulting, auditing business, can provide you with one-stop comprehensive services.。

  1. Supplier technical evaluation

    DCI's supplier technology evaluation helps you to evaluate suppliers and their supply chain enterprises before selecting suppliers, judge their production capacity, performance, delivery time and schedule assurance, quality assurance, etc., and effectively help you select suitable suppliers.           

    Audit key points: Manufacturer's basic information, supplier compliance, human resources, production capacity, production machinery and equipment, production procedures and records, quality management system operation and capacity, environment, etc           

    The scope and process of factory audit include:           

    Confirm that the quality, health, safety and environmental assurance system is working well;           

    • Check whether the quality control elements in the whole process of products meet the requirements;           
    • Check whether there is good production process and environment;          
    • Determine the supplier's production technology and capability, including design and development capability;           
    • Confirm that purchasing management and downstream supplier's production activities and equipment delivery can be carried out as planned;           

    Evaluate the schedule assurance capability and the resources, especially human resources, that can be allocated to implement the project

  2. Second party audit of supply chain

    DCI audits suppliers on behalf of customers. In the second-party audit of the supply chain, priority will be given to the impact of purchased products on the quality, environment, health and safety or use of the final products, and then determine the audit method and scope. In this process, technology and production capacity, price, timeliness of delivery and service are all factors to be considered.

    The scope of the second party audit is determined by the audit method and can include all processes, places and departments related to the purchased products. Common second party audit methods include: common purchasing product management system audit, purchased product quality and safety audit, purchased product process, quality audit and special requirements audit of purchased product

  3. Design review

    From the perspective of reliability of product design scheme, DCI reviews according to the design and review form determined in advance to help suppliers review and evaluate whether the design meets the quality requirements, identify problems and propose solutions. The purpose is to help science and technology identify potential design defects in time, accelerate the maturity of design, and reduce decision-making risk.          

     The role of design review:          

     · Evaluate whether the design meets the requirements of the contract, and whether it conforms to the design specifications and relevant standards and criteria          

     · Find and determine the weak link and high reliability risk area of the design, discuss and put forward improvement suggestions;           

     · Consider development tests, procedures, and maintenance resources in advance          

     · Check and supervise the overall implementation of the reliability program          

     · Reduce design change, shorten development cycle and reduce life cycle cost           


    At present, DCI can provide the following design review services for the process and layout of power and public facilities, new energy, oil and gas, construction engineering and infrastructure, rail transit, marine engineering, etc  

     · Design review: compliance audit of drawings and calculation sheets, including standard compliance inspection, structural strength inspection, process layout inspection, etc.           

     · Design independent calculation: strength check, safety factor calculation, stress analysis, stress calculation, strain analysis, ultimate bearing capacity analysis, etc.

  4. Manufacturing process inspection  

    Through the inspection and verification of the quality system, personnel qualification, raw materials, purchased equipment, inspection of manufacturing assembly and experimental process, final assembly and commissioning, final acceptance, packaging, shipping and other process supervision, the effectiveness and compliance of each production and inspection process are checked to ensure the product function is complete, the quality is reliable and the operation is stable.

     · Document confirmation and review           

     · The factory kick-off meeting was held.  

     · Witness inspection and acceptance of key points.   

     · Identify, remind and issue non conformance report according to the deviation in manufacturing process, and require the manufacturer to take appropriate corrective actions.          

     · Progress inspection.

  5. Expediting

    Expediting is an important part of procurement. When there are multiple suppliers in the supply chain, DCI is responsible for coordinating the supply time of materials, products or equipment after signing the procurement contract, and urging the supplier to deliver documents and goods according to the schedule agreed in the contract. Our expediting service ensures the delivery of the supplier, so as to ensure the progress of the project on schedule.         

    Our collection service includes three ways: resident expediting, office expediting and conference expediting


     · Familiar with the purchase contract and accessories;

     · Determine the expediting level of equipment and materials, formulate the expediting plan, and clarify the main inspection contents and control points;         
     · Request the supplier to provide the manufacturing schedule on time;           
     · Check whether the supplier, equipment and material manufacturing, supply and submitted drawings and data meet the requirements of the procurement contract;           
     · Urge the supplier to submit effective drawings and data according to the plan for design review and confirmation, and ensure that the drawings and data are returned to the supplier on time;          
     · Check the preparation of transportation plan and shipping documents, and urge the delivery of final materials specified in the contract.           
     · Prepare expediting Report


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