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DCI GLOBAL data Protection Policy and Statement

As users of the website, we will inform you about the processing and statement of personal data before using the website. Please read the following carefully.


1. How does DCI GLOBAL process your data?

Dutch Certification Institute (DCI).

DCI China

Address: No. 26, Lane 2777 Jinxiu East Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Telephone: +86 400 099 9652

Email address:

DCI Global

Add: Mercatorweg 2B, 8501 XK Joure, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)513 48 43 48

2. Use of personal data

You may freely visit our website without revealing your identity, and the browser you use will automatically send the following information to our website server (such as: visit time, page or file visited, operating system or browser type and version used, referral source URL).

The DCI will handle your personal data for providing contractual services or services, as well as maintaining and managing contractual relationships with customers.

Subject to national legislation, the DCI may send you commercial communications, including electronically, to keep you informed of products and services.You can receive them clearly, freely, and easily at any time and every time you receive them.

The DCI may send you the following information:

Books, publications, standards, subscriptions and information sessions.

Training actions and related meetings.

Compliance assessment and audit services, as well as seminars to inform, display or disseminate new products.

Certification of personnel and related dates.

Software licenses, and information sessions for related news.

3. Personal data processing

After obtaining the appropriate authorization, the DCI expressly allows the lawful processing and use of your personal data on your behalf.When you use this website, you can contact DCI and revoke the authorization at any time by inquiring the certificate, asking for advice, making a complaint, etc.

The data to be processed by the DCI (as an example and not a complete set) is as follows:

Personal contact information and identity data (name, gender, address, E-mail, telephone, landline);

Employment information (company, department, position, function, responsibility);

Professional training related information (occupation, job data, tasks, activities);

Economic data (bank accounts, tax Numbers) or other data on healthy habits.

According to relevant regulations, the collected data will be processed only for the necessary time and used only for the purpose for which it was collected.Accordingly, personal data will be retained and the DCI will comply with the legal protection and legal obligations associated with the data type, except in cases where deletion is necessary for contractual or other reasons.

4. Rights of data subject

As required by applicable regulations, the DCI informs the customer or other users that they have the following rights:

Access: The data provider can get information about it that the DCI is processing.

Correction: Allows correction of errors and modification of inaccurate or incomplete data.

Deletion: Allows the DCI to delete data and stop processing unless there is a legal obligation to retain them and/or other legitimate reason for the DCI to process them.For example, a customer can ask us to delete personal data when it is no longer relevant to the purpose for which it was collected.

Limitations: Allow data processing delays under conditions established by law so that the DCI will avoid processing them in the future, which will only allow them to retain the exercise or defense of the claim.

Objection: In some cases, the parties concerned may object to the processing of their data for reasons relevant to their particular circumstances.The DCI will stop processing data unless for good reason, or to exercise or defend possible claims.

Portability: Allows partner customers to receive their personal data and be able to transmit it in file format directly to another responsible person for both online and offline reading.

DCI warrants that it will take the necessary steps to exercise these rights free of charge. To apply for the above rights, you must attach your official identification document and communicate with us through the following channels:

Compose an email at the following address, providing the same information as in the previous section:

In your application, state the rights you wish to exercise through the mail file.