Determine the product parameters for you to ensure your design, production and the product itself meet the requirements.


With the rapid change of the international market and the development of economic globalization, a broader market has been opened up, and new products and regulations have been brought. We help you to comprehensively guarantee product quality in the complex market and  regulations, provide you with more rapid and accurate test data, optimize your production process, reduce production costs, eliminate quality risks, and provide you with one stop of quality assurance services including testing. Inspection and certification.           

Through the comprehensive scheme of measurement and test, using necessary experimental equipment and places, designing or adopting reasonable standard methods, as well as carrying out necessary analysis and data processing, we can finally help you get information related to the tested products. Through the laboratory test, we guarantee the performance, safety and functionality of the products , and provide confidence of your products entering the market smoothly.

The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.

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