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Ships and Marine Engineering

Since 1979, DCI has started the technical academic research on the construction structure, components and materials of yacht related hull, exploring the quality standards and technical safety standards related to yacht. It is the first CE entertainment vessel certification agency announced by the European Union, and has obtained many recognized qualifications and authorizations in the field of entertainment vessels in Asia, North America and Europe, and continuously provides CE certification of yachts and marine equipment as well as related equipment inspection and testing services for manufacturers, traders and various customers all over the world.            In addition to a series of compliance services such as market access certification, our ship and marine engineering technical services are closely following the development of the industry, from new ship and marine engineering structures to the design and development of underwater deep submersibles. DCI provides analysis on the strength, rigidity, fatigue fracture, vibration and structural reliability of ship and marine engineering and other structures, so as to provide sufficient services for the whole chain Support and help for.