Our technical knowledge and skills extend to multiple industrial and industrial chains, and DCI's top researchers and quality personnel help you quickly find solutions to problems at any time and under any circumstances.

Technical Services

In the past 40 years, DCI has accumulated a large number of standard knowledge and technical experience. The operation of globalization makes DCI obtain rich international excellent practical experience. Whether it is the standardization of production or management, or the research and development of key technologies, from design to quality standards, from standardizing production requirements to personnel training, DCI is the best choice to obtain solutions for the whole chain.           

In order to adapt to more specific and diversified customer needs, DCI will provide positioning, analysis, solution development and solution implementation for the technical problems of independent individuals. From specific technical solutions to systematic system strategy implementation, DCI helps customers comprehensively solve quality problems.          

DCI keeps track of international standards and regulations, regulatory environment changes, technology frontier development and other information through a thorough understanding of the industry and beyond. Combined with the rich industry quality knowledge and data, the experience and knowledge will be combined to help customers establish their own quality control capabilities and achieve long-term quality objectives.           

DCI technology service platform hopes to provide training and knowledge services for different industries through different service forms, so as to help enterprises and individuals achieve comprehensive growth and development.

The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.

  • R + D + I Research Development Innovation
    R + D + I Research Development Innovation

    This course provides a global vision of the R + D + I management system in accordance with the standard, explains the interpretation and application of the requirements of the reference standard, and defines the strategy, operation and support processes that make up the standard.           

    R + D + I management system will enable to establish guidelines to review the implemented system.

    The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.

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