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It has always been DCI's tenet  to innovate,  develop and diversify. This tenet also promotes DCI's sustainable development and becomes an international third-party quality assurance service organization.          

Join DCI, create more opportunities for you, realize more career development, plan and realize your expected professional life, and learn more about DCI staff sharing.

Certification Manager

Certification Manager

At DCI, I enjoy this job very much, which represents the trust of customers to me. In this job, I can use my knowledge to better provide quality assurance services for enterprises, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. I hope that in the future I can use what I have learned to provide them with more excellent services.

Certification Manager
Technical Director + Chief Surveyor

Technical Director + Chief Surveyor

DCI enables me to have more development space and opportunities, and I firmly believe that my career is in my own hands. In DCI, I often share my views on future technology development, so that I can be entrusted with important tasks and play my strengths. This job broadened my career and industry awareness.

Technical Director + Chief Surveyor
DCI-NL General Manager

DCI-NL General Manager

My work in DCI is the longest and most beloved work I have been engaged in since graduation. To provide more customers with professional and reliable testing and certification service is based on my love for DCI and this industry of inspection, testing and certification.

DCI-NL General Manager

working at DCI

  • Build a career dream together

    Build a career dream together

    At DCI, we firmly believe that every employee has unlimited potential. Therefore, we train every employee carefully, encourage them to practice their career boldly, and help them realize their career ideals and aspirations. With targeted training, coaching and internal circulation, DCI provides employees with the resources and conditions needed for career development and helps them develop a broader and wonderful career path.

  • Work life balance

    Work life balance

    We believe that the key to success of personal career is to live a good life and work at ease. We provide blueprints and visions for the career development of our employees and guarantee them enough private time. The goal of DCI is to create a harmonious, open and inclusive working environment for employees, so that DCI employees can achieve a better balance between work and life.

  • Create diversified talents

    Create diversified talents

    Talent oriented, open and inclusive. At DCI, we are committed to build a diverse talent team. We believe that all forms of diversity - gender, age, culture, nationality, religious belief, etc. - are sources of creation. Different voices make our work colorful and innovative. Diversity provides opportunities for employees and DCI to use their talents, and helps to develop our ability to constantly adapt to the changing world.

  • Leader training

    Leader training

    We are keen to inspire bold and talented people. It also means that we support different types of talents, help them improve, and become leaders step by step. As a result, we create opportunities for potential employees to participate in innovative and inspiring global conferences and seminars.
    DCI is honored to attend the annual international and domestic standards and regulations seminar. DCI has a common support and promotion for standards and regulations, and is committed to shaping a fair, rigorous, innovative and efficient future leader. These leaders will continue to promote the rapid development of our diversified third-party technical services for inspection, testing and certification.

Join DCI to create more opportunities for you to achieve more career development plans and career expectations.

In 2020, a new career development planning blueprint will be created, with more open, inclusive and diversified talent system and working environment, which will take you to practice your career principles and build your career dreams

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