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Quality management system (ISO9001)

Quality management system (QMS) is a set of systematic, complete and scientific quality management mode established in order to achieve quality objectives. Its ISO9001 standard summarizes the quality management experience of many developed countries, and constantly brings forth new ideas according to the changes of economic environment and people's increasing requirements for quality. It aims to provide guidance and reference for enterprises of different industries, types and scales to strengthen internal management level and improve customer satisfaction. So far, it has been equivalent or equivalent in nearly 200 countries or regions use.          


ISO 9001 quality management system will help you continuously monitor and manage the quality of all business activities. As the most widely recognized quality management standard in the world, ISO 9001 outlines the ways and benchmarks for enterprises to achieve efficient operation, so that your operation mechanisms at all levels can be optimized and improved, and continuously ensure high-quality performance and service.


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  1. Certification Logo and Certificates

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  2. Benefit Obtained

    For the internal part of the enterprise, the management can manage company according to the international standardized quality system, to put the recognized and mature management experience into practice, to improve the internal work process, enhance the consistency of business performance,  as well as  achieve  the requirements of scientific and sustainable development.  It will greatly improve the work efficiency and product quality so as to improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise.           

    Based on the current situation and take a long-term view. Based on the standardized quality management system, according to the characteristics of the enterprise in terms of time, space, scale, industry and related nature,  company should maximize its advantages and reduce the potential execution risk in order to look forward to the future on the way forward and lock in the victory step by step.           

    From the external perspective, ISO9001 as the universal language of quality communication in the world, provides common norms and cognition for the cooperation between enterprises. After quality management system certification, it means that the management system established by the enterprise is effective and stable and can continuously provide consumers with products or services with guaranteed quality, which not only makes you stand out in the competition, but also helps you identify reliable business partners from a large number of suppliers and avoid blind selection.           

    The combination of internal development and external word-of-mouth helps you to put high-quality products or services into the core markets of various countries and regions, effectively maintain existing customers, and constantly develop potential customers on a stable basis and speed so as to bring you actual benefits and brand value.

  3. Certification Process

    Communication of Certification Intention → submission of application materials → application review → signing of certification contract → planning of audit scheme and determination of audit time → first stage audit → second stage audit → certification decision → certificate issuance → annual surveillance and qualification maintenance

  4. Why Select DCI

    Every enterprise has an operation management process related to major strategic objectives. The improvement of business operation performance depends on your ability to discover the advantages, disadvantages and improvement opportunities of the company. DCI has provided quality management system certification services for many organizations in various countries. Our auditors will help you understand your quality management system. The links you care about are the links DCI cares about, and the processes you care about are the processes DCI cares about. Our pursuit goes beyond the simple audit and supervision, but to identify your actual needs with the latest industry standards and rich practical experience at the same time to bring you tangible benefits, and to become a partner and witness of every step of your enterprise growth.

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