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Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing, referred to as manufacturing for short, refers to the complex combination of industrial equipment and manufacturing resources (materials, energy, equipment, tools, capital, technology, information and human resources, etc.) which are transformed into industrial products for people's use and utilization of consumer goods according to market requirements through the manufacturing process. A large number of standards and regulations are combined for complex manufacturing especially when it is boiler, pressure vessel, steel structure, pipeline, valve, casting and forging, etc. Producers need to pay high attention to and comply with international and local regulations on quality, health and safety.           

Whether it's parts or finished products directly sold to consumers, DCI can help customers improve their quality capabilities and improve their manufacturing processes. From raw material procurement, assembly, welding, Non Destructive Testing, factory assembly, type test, factory acceptance, installation and commissioning and other manufacturing processes, it can guarantee your compliance and competitiveness through a series of services such as certification, testing and inspection.