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Management system certification:

An effective management system can not only optimize the operation process of the enterprise, but also reflect the commitment of the enterprise to product quality, production safety and due confidentiality, which proves that you have a long-term thinking and vision for the enterprise's workflow and resource utilization, and also shows your determination to ensure the continuous operation of the enterprise and improve customer satisfaction.           

Through a series of certifications, DCI helps your enterprise to establish a management system that meets relevant laws, regulations, national standards and relevant requirements, helps you fulfill your economic, environmental and social responsibilities, and achieves the business objectives of the enterprise.

Using the idea of "Multi Standard Integration" for reference, DCI integrates all resources and activities of the enterprise into a centralized integrated management system according to the process method, so that you can fully adapt to and apply the international management concept, principles and methods in the actual operation, and determine the internal management process and interaction of the enterprise from the perspective of the overall situation and the system objectives, and on the basis of optimized configuration Continuous improvement. 

Management system certification is only provided by DCI Certification Ltd.(China)

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