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Construction industry management system (GB/T 50430)

GB / T 50430 "code for quality management of engineering construction enterprises" is a management standard established by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China to strengthen the quality management of engineering construction enterprises. The instability of the construction quality and the nonstandard management of the enterprise cause the frequent safety accidents of the construction enterprise, and at the same time bring many development hidden dangers. In this context, the GB / T 50430 standard came into being after being negotiated and drafted by the national certification and accreditation supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.          


This standard makes requirements for a series of processes such as project bidding, signing of construction contract, construction site survey, construction drawing design, preparation of construction related operation instructions, mobilization of man-machine materials, construction process management and construction process inspection, internal completion acceptance, completion delivery acceptance, file transfer personnel departure, warranty service, etc. of construction enterprises, and promotes standardized management of enterprises, So that construction enterprises can meet the needs of quality management in the field of construction, create conditions for further strengthening and implementing quality responsibility, and further promote the long-term stability and development of enterprises.


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  1. Certification Logo and Certificates

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  2. Benefit Obtained

    Improve the popularity and brand value of the enterprise at the same time.

    Improve the management level and efficiency of enterprises.          

    Improve and guarantee the quality of products.           

    Effective quality management to maintain the long-term, continuous and compliant construction of the enterprise and promote the stable development of the enterprise.

  3. Certification Process

    Communication of Certification Intention → submission of application materials → application review → signing of certification contract → planning of audit scheme and determination of audit time → first stage audit → second stage audit → certification decision → certificate issuance → annual surveillance and qualification maintenance

  4. Why Select DCI

    GB / T 50430, based on the construction characteristics and requirements of the domestic construction industry, improves the quality management level of China's engineering construction enterprises from the normative level, creates a more professional engineering construction quality management system, and provides effective ideas and methods for solving the quality management problems of construction enterprises. DCI has a professional GB / T 50430 audit team to provide you with professional and all-round quality management system certification of engineering construction enterprises, and make full efforts to customize suitable audit arrangements and efficient certification and review process for you.

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