DCI'S  MISSION        

Solve compliance issues, build social trust, provide professional

services and eliminate business risks.

Dutch Certification Institute (DCI) Founded in 1979 and headquartered in the Netherlands, it is a comprehensive third-party organization with global business coverage, integrating certification, inspection and testing. It conducts compliance assessment according to different regulations and standards in different places, providing information for different customers in the fields of ship and marine engineering, power and public facilities, new energy sources, oil and gas, industrial equipment and manufacturing, construction engineering and other technical services.           

DCI, as the Dutch authorized notified body (notified body No. 0613), is engaged in CE product certification, especially the European Union's "recreational craft and personal water craft directive" and "Marine Equipment Directive" ), which represents the responsibility of the European Union for the review and assessment of the products related to the Directives within the scope of circulation in the single market of EU Member States. In 1997, DCI obtained the accredition of product certification agency by RVA Netherlands Accreditation Council. Dutch Certification Institute provides CE certification, but does not provide management system certification.         

DCI certification Ltd (i.e DCI Certification Ltd in Chinese) , as a certification body approved by China Certification and Accreditation Administration (approval Number CNCA-RF-2003-29), is engaged in quality management system, quality management system in construction field, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, forest certification and product certification.The management system certification was accredited by China CNAS, UK UKAS and International Accreditation Service IAS.

Brand Story

In the 1950s, recreation and entertainment activities such as yachts began in Europe, and a large number of new industries such as shipyard and related accessories manufacturers, repair shops and clubs appeared in Holland and other places. However, due to the backward restriction of natural conditions and relevant laws and regulations, how to regulate the management of entertainment vessels and supervise their safety and production quality is still a little-known field.            In the early 1970s, Frank Hoekstra, who owns a shipyard and a ship repair shop, began to focus on the research of yachts and a wide range of recreational ship technologies. In 1979, he established the Dutch Certification Institute (DCI) in the Netherlands to carry out the academic technical research on the construction structure, components and materials of related ships, and explore the quality standards and technical safety standards related to yachts. With the establishment of the European Union and the formulation of "EU Harmonized Standards" and relevant directives under the framework of "single market", DCI's achievements in the fields of entertainment ships, machinery and materials, as well as in the field of water safety, are rapidly transformed into operable standards or methods, providing strong support for the development and progress of the industry.          

DCI's enthusiasm and professional pioneering spirit made it the first CE entertainment vessel certification agency in the Netherlands to obtain the European Union's announcement after the European Union's mandatory CE recreation craft was issued and implemented in 1998. Since then, DCI has obtained many recognized qualifications and authorizations in the field of entertainment ships in Asia, North America and Europe, and has continuously provided manufacturers, traders and various customers around the world with relevant entertainment ship certification services, as well as product certification services for relevant parts or equipment.

The businesses described above are all provided by Dutch Certification Institute.

Development History

  • 1979

    Mr. Frank Hoekstra, the founder, has started the research on technical standards of ship safety and quality.

  • In 1979

    With the birth of shipbuilding industry, the Dutch Certification Institute (DCI) was founded.

  • In 1997

    Became the only authorized yacht and lifeboat inspection and certification agency of Dutch Ministry for transport (public works and water management) at that time.

  • In 1997

    Obtained the European Union's announcement of the recreational craft directive.

  • In 2000

    Carry out inspection and testing activities in the industrial field, especially in the field of mechanical equipment and materials.

  • In 2014

    Authorized by American Yacht Association.

  • In 2016

    Became the certification body of the CE Marine Equipment Directive announced by the European Union.

  • In 2019

    DCI Puschased partial shares of SIRA and SIRA became the Testing, Inspection and Certification body in China owned by DCI.

  • In 2020

    DCI group and Regional Operation Center Greater China established in the Netherlands and China respectively, becoming one comprehensive third-party organization with global business coverage and integrated service of product certification, system certification, inspection and testing.

DCI Vision

Since its establishment in 1979, DCI have been adhering to a serious attitude, professional spirit, rigorous and independent style, to provide customers with inspection, testing, certification and other technical services. Under the current complex situation of various risks and technical challenges in the field of quality, health, safety and environment faced by the whole world, we will always adhere to the principle of customer-oriented, laws and regulations as the criterion, integrity as the principle, actively strive for development, provide the public with compliant and sustainable development solutions, and become an independent, just, professional and International leading third-party technical service provider.

DCI Values

DCI is a leading third-party technical service provider in the world. We have established a solid cooperative relationship with numerous enterprises around the world. We achieve our goals through strategies, promote cooperation and implement our services through ethical behaviors. The core of supporting this work comes from DCI's protection and belief in core moral values, namely, customer-oriented, respect for individuals, integrity, professionalism, impartiality and independence, which is also an important cornerstone and criterion for the long-term development of the whole group.

Social Responsibility

Based on knowledge, value and competitiveness, DCI builds trust among different countries, regions and markets to support trade and supply chains. Through its services in conformity assessment, training and technical services, DCI, with a serious, certified and professional attitude, helps enterprises to understand the laws and regulations of the region and country where they operate, eliminate the risks and hidden dangers brought by product quality and safety to the society, uphold fairness and independence, and resist non-compliance and illegal behaviors, which supports the industry , promotes social development , and embodies social responsibility.

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