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Occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001)


With the increasing cost of living for employees and their families, occupational health and safety have an amazing impact on economic and social development. According to the data released by the United Nations, the direct and indirect economic losses caused by occupational diseases and occupational casualties in the world account for 3.94% of the global GDP, about 2.99 trillion US dollars.           


Occupational health and safety management system came into being under the modern mode of safety production management. Together with ISO9000, ISO14000 and other standard systems, it is called "management method in the post industrial era". This standard standardizes the requirements of safety production management. By identifying and evaluating the possibility and severity of workplace hazards, and taking active preventive measures for risk control factors, it can improve the physical and mental health of employees and the satisfaction of working environment, and directly or indirectly reduce the operating costs of enterprises.          


Nowadays, more and more managers realize that safety production management is the premise of everything. Occupational health and safety management system is one of the most effective methods to plan and manage enterprises, which can effectively prevent employees from work-related injuries, poor health and related extreme situations. The certification of occupational health and safety management system will prove that you have established a comprehensive and effective management system to ensure the health and safety of the workplace.


This highly effective occupational health and safety management system takes the idea of system safety as the core and adopts a systematic and structured management mode to provide a scientific and effective occupational health and safety management standard and guide for the enterprise, which will help you protect the health and safety of employees and the asset safety of the enterprise, and enable the enterprise to achieve excellent operation. We not only want to be your business partner in the certification of occupational health and safety management system, but also care about your enterprise, your employees, your risks, and your costs and benefits.


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  1. Certification Logo and Certificates


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  2. Benefit Obtained

    Comprehensively standardize and improve the occupational health and safety management of the enterprise, minimize all kinds of casualty accidents and occupational disease hidden dangers, and effectively reduce the occupational health and safety risks of the enterprise operation. Through active risk prevention, innovation and continuous improvement, we can reduce the economic and human resource losses caused by accidents, diseases and other factors, guarantee the property safety of the enterprise, improve the working efficiency and enhance the overall survival of the enterprise     

    Enhance the compliance of enterprises in international and domestic laws and regulations, break trade barriers, improve occupational health and safety performance, and then take the initiative in international trade activities, improve market share, maintain a long-term development trend, and achieve the goal of excellent operation           

    Through the certification of ISO 45001, it is proved that the enterprise meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, establishes a good corporate image, demonstrates the sense of brand responsibility, and forms a considerable competitive advantage        

    Improve the credit rating of financial credit, form excellent public relations with regulatory authorities and partners from all walks of life, and reduce insurance costs and related credit costs          

    Reflect the people-oriented corporate culture, reduce employees' complaints and complaints, pay attention to long-term effects, effectively improve employee satisfaction, reduce personnel turnover, and enhance the cohesion within the enterprise       

    Be integrated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to consolidate the achievements of system management and improve the performance of enterprise comprehensive management

  3. Certification Process

    Communication of Certification Intention → submission of application materials → application review → signing of certification contract → planning of audit scheme and determination of audit time → first stage audit → second stage audit → certification decision → certificate issuance → annual surveillance and qualification maintenance

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