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Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014 / 90 / EU is the European Union's specific requirements for the equipment to be installed on board and used for circulation in the European economic area. It integrates the relevant requirements of SOLAS Convention, IMO and EN standards, aiming to enhance maritime safety, prevent marine pollution and ensure the circulation of such equipment in the European community.   


The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.


According to the provisions of EU certification directive, the certification of relevant EU directives can only be carried out by the designated institutions registered in EU. After being authorized by EU, Med certification certificate and "steering wheel" mark can be issued for the (legal) products used to fly EU flag ships.


The "steering wheel" mark belongs to the compulsory certification mark of EU, which is also a form of CE certification of EU. It is a compulsory requirement of EU laws for products. No matter the products produced by the internal enterprises of EU, or the products produced by other countries, if they are to be used for the ships flying the flag of EU, they must obtain the certification of designated agencies and affix the "steering wheel" mark to indicate the production The product meets the requirements of EU Marine Equipment Directive (2014 / 90 / EU).


Scope of application of Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

Life saving facilities  (SOLAS III)
Lifeboats, lifebuoys, life jackets, etc

Marine environmental protection equipment (MARPOL):
oil water contact detector, oil discharge monitoring and control system, sewage pipeline system, onboard incineration device

Fire fighting equipment (SOLAS II-2):
Fireman's complete set, fire extinguisher, fire-proof material, decorative fabric, alarm device

Navigation equipment (SOLAS V):
Compass, radar equipment, navigation equipment, searchlight, signal light

Radio communication equipment (SOLAS IV)
Radio equipment, telegraph receiver, receiver, etc

Early warning equipment COLREG 72:
Alarm starter, collision warning machine

Equipment specified in 2-1 of the International Convention for the safety of marine life (SOLAS II-1)


Conformity Assessment Mode:

Module B + F – EC type Examination + field verification

Module B + D - EC type Examination + process quality control

Module B + e - EC type Examination + final product quality control

Certification Process:
Certification application - sample test - Audit and evaluation - certificate issuance


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