Control the quality risks and trade risks of your goods at the scene to ensure that you can take measures to detect defects as soon as possible.


Dutch Certification Institute (DCI),as an independent and professional inspection organization, DCI provides all-round quality control services for the owners, buyers and suppliers, and controls the whole production process of the equipment and product manufacturing location as the customer representative. Inspection / supervision work includes but is not limited to: supplier review, manufacturing process control including raw material control, material traceability inspection, welding, NDT, dimension, coating, packaging inspection, etc.            

According to the standard requirements or client requirements, DCI, on behalf of the notary public or the entrusting party, carries out on-site inspection on the production, packaging, transportation and various customized special requirements of goods to ensure that the quality of goods and the requirements involved in other relevant trade processes meet the requirements of customers, so as to avoid disputes and loss of business reputation caused by unqualified products and reduce Sales risk, reduce disputes and ensure the smooth and efficient performance of the contract.          

DCI is your trusted third-party inspection, testing and certification service agency. DCI's service is your product quality assurance and helps your products enter the global market.

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