DCI focuses on the whole supply chain, and uses the third party's impartiality and rigorous quality control means to help you carry out the actual timeliness, quality and risk control actions on site.

Inspection of Consumer Goods

As the world's leading inspection and compliance service provider, DCI works with end users, retailers and importers to ensure, manage and improve its global supply chain. Europe and Asia are the most widely distributed regions of suppliers in the world. DCI has multiple branches and offices in these regions to provide customers with high-speed response and efficient localized services.           


DCI consumer goods inspection covers procurement, product quality and safety, supplier management and compliance. Within 48 hours after the client entrusts, DCI will send inspectors or auditors to the designated inspection site to carry out the inspection, and submit the inspection report with accurate content and customer concerns within the specified time.


The project is served by Dutch Certification Institute.


DCI divides the industrial fields of consumer goods in detail, and each field has corresponding experts and technicians to implement effective inspection and technical evaluation from many aspects:

durability and performance


appearance and functional requirements

Performance test

structure inspection

safety testing

process inspection

label and designated part verification


This helps customers greatly reduce the huge losses caused by product defects and systematic errors in the purchase or production process. At present, our inspection business covers:

electrical and electronic products


home gardening

printed packaging

Entertainment toys

fashion accessories

gifts (consumer durables)

industrial buildings  material

sports equipment

textile and footwear bags



  1. Inspection process

    Service communication – Entrustment agreement / Application – Site dispatch / Inspection – Daily report – Certificate / Report inspection issue

  2. Standards and regulations

    1. Product inspection:          

    DCI uses the standard inspection methods and schemes specified by international or local regulations.          

    DCI uses customer specified methods or enterprise defined standards and solutions.           

    According to the characteristics of customers' products and demands, DCI and customers jointly determine a set of targeted inspection standard scheme.   

    2. Sampling standard         

    DCI can conduct all product inspections          

    DCI recommends to set acceptance quality limit according to iso2859, GBt6378 and other international and local standards       

    DCI can carry out sampling inspection according to the sampling standard set by the customer enterprise

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